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Romance/Love: October 19, 2022 Issue [#11600]

 This week: The Power of Touch
  Edited by: Lilli Munster ☕️ 🧿
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About This Newsletter

Intimacy involves several key factors: trust, acceptance, honesty, communication, affection, safety, and compassion. All of these factors foster closeness or intimacy in a relationship.

As writers, we need to find ways to incorporate these into our romance stories and bring the characters to life and lead them to love.

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Letter from the editor

There are many ways writers can show love and intimacy between characters without throwing them into bed together. This week we'll cover some ideas you can try out in your Love/Romance stories!

Remember to use your "show, don't tell" skills to really lure your readers into these scenes!

*HeartP* One character raises their hand to another character's forehead to check for a fever.

*Heartp* Wiping away someone's tears.

*Heartp* Giving a hand/foot/back/neck massage.

*Heartp* Gently removing an eyelash from someone's cheek.

*Heartp* Whispering in someone's ear.

*Heartp* The characters have a deep and vulnerable conversation.

*Heartp* A character may leave a special note for another.

*Heartp* Dancing together.

*Heartp* Characters may read to one another.

Non-sexual affectionate touching can be a wonderful way to show an intimate connection between characters.

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Editor's Picks

Try  (E)
All for you, Mike Bier עדי עד
#2282220 by Crystal Dragon

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#2280722 by Nixie 🐱 out for surgery

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#2280445 by Joseph Mack

The Eleventh Sign  (ASR)
The square root of a negative contemplates Skye becoming the Aurora Borealis of his soul.
#2280411 by BKCompton Encased In Carbonite

Strawberry Shortstop  (GC)
Baseball can be fun once you get to know the players... especially the shortstop.
#2279738 by Kåre Enga going to 🇹🇭

Deborah’s DIY Date  (18+)
Is there romance after divorce? Deborah investigates. 2nd place in Journey Through Genres.
#2274243 by Avid Novel Reader

Excitable Girl  (18+)
Paul's date night at the movies takes a nasty turn, thanks to Alfred Hitchcock...
#2273913 by Dan's Working on It

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Ask & Answer

Comments from "Classic Love Stories, September 21, 2022

Monty's a Grim Reaper wrote:
Some clues I get from this N/L for my type of poetry.

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