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Short Stories: October 19, 2022 Issue [#11610]

 This week: Me, Myself and Eye
  Edited by: Boo'ful Sonali WDC Power!
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About This Newsletter

About what surrounds us, and how we respond to it.

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Letter from the editor

Dear Reader,

From the time we wake to the time we go to bed, our senses are bombarded with information. We see, hear, touch, smell and taste, and we respond. Or not.

What we notice
Focusing now on what we 'see', we probably 'see' a lot more than we 'notice'. If we open the front door to look for milk bottles on the doorstep, we'll notice the presence or absence of the milk bottles. If present, we'll notice how many there are.

We may or may not notice the neighbor's cat sitting on the fence - and this may or may not affect us later in the day.

Conversely, the more absent-minded of us may get carried away with the flowers that have blossomed or the formation of the clouds overhead, and - noticing those - forget to notice the milk bottles. These will be recalled when they're needed in the kitchen and known to have been forgotten. I say 'absent minded' but I guess it's a matter or priority. Pretty flowers or unusual cloud formations are so much more interesting than milk bottles.

So - we see something, we notice a part of it according to our priority.

Enter the Feel-ters.
So we see, we notice. Then we subconsciously choose what we respond to and what we ignore. That is, what makes us feel something and what doesn't. Those who are looking forward to their cup of morning coffee or tea will view the milk with pleasure, those who are lactose intolerant might shudder at the sight of it, while those who are going to have to shovel it down a reluctant child's throat may view it with a resigned sigh.

The same scenario, the same object viewed, different feel-ters applied in response.

Let's take a grimmer example.

Let's say Lady X's jewels have been stolen.
She is convinced her young maid, Hannah, has stolen them.
Hannah was, apparently the only one in the room at the supposed time they were taken, and she knew where they were.
Lady X has always treated Hannah like a member of the family.
With this in mind, Lady X wants to ensure that Hannah doesn't fall into bad ways, she wants to teach Hannah such a lesson that Hannah won't ever dream of stealing anything again.
She declares that Hannah will be locked in a room, without any food, till such time as she confesses and returns the jewels.

Now - viewing Hannah's tearful face at this, different members of the household will react differently, according to the feel-ter they apply.
a. Lady X will feel a sense of righteousness - she is helping a girl stay on the straight and narrow path.
b. Lord X, who thinks Hannah isn't the guilty one, will feel a twinge of shame at his wife's behaviour, and also a slight amount of disgust at himself for not intervening.
c. Sophia, Hannah's cousin, who is employed as cook, will feel outrage and helplessness at the injustice which she cannot prevent for fear of losing her job
d. Gwen, the nurse, who has actually taken the jewels, will feel smug at having got away with it.

Each of these feel-ters to the present situation depends upon past interactions and apprehensions for the future. And the feel-ters of the various individuals affect each other as the story progresses.

So me, myself and eye goes to being us, ourselves and aye-or-nay. Given the permutation-combinations that arise, mighty fine fodder for a good tale!

Thanks for reading!
Love my dragon sig

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Ask & Answer

Thanks for the responses to "The One Essential Element

I think the writer also needs to consider the expectation of the reader. What conflict drives the reader to continue? What change took place to satisfy the experience?
Was there a surprise/twist? All of these in a story will satisfy the reader. Quick-Quill

I too am a big fan of the twisted ending. when a story starts one way and ends up in a dark unexpected corner full of surprises not knowing how you got there, that is a good story. Start with a hook, rope them in and take them places unexpected. JCosmos

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